25 Mar

March 24th 2020 Strange days indeed.

Well this winter has been something else! Obviously the virus pandemic has everyone spun up or worried. For most its both. I will leave my personal feelings out of this report and focus on the Yankee Capts. Here we go. Read More →
10 Jan

Merry New Year!

Greetings and salutatuions from Key West Florida. I hope this report finds you well and everyone had a great holiday season. Much to talk about so let us get to it. First some fishing reports- November 8 2019 November 27 Read More →
18 Nov

November 18th 2019 Mother Nature rules!

November 18th 2019      Mother Nature rules! Greetings from the Key West command center. Only one trip since my last report. In any ways a very typical Tortugas trip for this time of year. Yellowtails were everywhere and for the most part very hungry. In fact baits Read More →
7 Nov

November 7th 2019 It’s been a while!

November 7th 2019 It’s been a while! Obviously I have not updated this page in quite sometime. I have no excuse, epic fail! I have however been keep up with my social media though. I know its no excuse but if you have been looking for updates Read More →
18 Aug

August 18 2019 Time is flying by!

August 18 2019 Time is flying by! Greetings from Key West. Plenty of reporting from the last entry. Let’s get to it. We have seen it all the past month. From coming home early because we were out of room (Yes anglers demanded refunds!) to grinder bites Read More →
10 Jun

June 10 2019

June 10 2019 Greetings from a very busy Key West. Muttons still rule the totes here. Finding a few reds here and there but muttons still fill the coolers. Some stops have been good and some some just a few fish. Still though Read More →