29 Apr

April 29th 2017 Yes, Virginia we are still alive in Key West.

April 29th 2017 Yes, Virginia we are still alive in Key West. So how do I start this report? Well since we have been tied to the dock since April 4th I will start will our last trip. That trip we was a 3 Day Pulley trip. Conditions were impossible for deep Read More →
30 Mar

March 30 2016

March 30 2016 Many moons ago I used to write in my reports “You can’t fight Mother Nature and win”.  We these past two months fit that statement in so many ways. In fact this winter and last winter have been a tough Read More →
2 Mar

March 2 2016

Greetings from the Key West Control Center. Plenty to talk about so lets get to it. Only a couple of trips since my last report. Our last Pulley trip was just a pick of snappers and groupers. I am not Read More →
1 Mar

March 1 2017 It is time!

Hey Guys, The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The FSF is opening 9pm tonight. These tix will be online purchases only.. and as such they must be paid in full.  Once it goes live it WILL SELL OUT FAST, and I can’t Read More →
12 Feb

February 12 2017

February 12 2017 Well they they say the mind is the first thing to go in this business. I had this report sitting in cyberspace from last week. Silly me did not press the publish button. Here it is, sorry for the tardiness. Read More →
30 Jan

January 30th 2016

January 30th 2016 The battle continues. Weather and conditions have thrown us for a loop. Last Monday with sustained wind of 40 knots turned the Dry Tortugas into a blender. Mother nature whipped up some of the greenest nastiest water I have seen Read More →