All the fish you catch aboard the Yankee Capts belong to you, the angler. The only exceptions are those fish that are undersized, prohibited by law or deemed unsafe to handle by the crew.

The crew is available to clean your catch at the dock for you at a very reasonable cost. We recommend this service as it ensures you have the freshest, finest fillets possible.

We will store your fish on ice while on board and coolers are not necessary until we reach the dock. While we have plenty of ice in our boxes to keep your fish fresh in our storage boxes, we do not carry enough for your personal coolers. We do have an ice house at the dock. You may buy ice from us before or after your trip, $5 for a 40 pound basket.

Can you sell your fish?

It is a violation of state and federal law to sell fish from a passenger vessel even if you have personal licenses and permits. If you are looking to sell your catch we will happy to let someone in law enforcement about your activities.