Q: What are your office hours?

Monday through Friday 9-5. OFF on weekends and major holidays. Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

Q: Do you carry ICE for sale?

YES!!! We are now selling ICE for our anglers! A newly installed ice house on the premises is finally ready to cater to our customers. Ice will be sold at $5/40lb. Don’t forget your coolers!

Q: Are there SHOWERS onboard?

YES!!! There is a fresh water shower available to our anglers in one of our two unisex restrooms. Showers are available on the second day of our trips. Why? We carry a limited supply of water. Remember think of this as a camping trip. If your looking for a Marriott then our accommodations probably are not for you.

Q: Can we bring our CELL PHONES? Is there SERVICE?

We know so many of you use your cell phone as your camera these days. You may bring your cell phone, but there is no service. Also remember that YOU are responsible for your own items onboard the boat. The Yankee Capts holds no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items on your trip. 

Q: Can I bring a C-Pap machine?

YES!!! You’d be surprised how many guys need one and how often this question is asked. There are standard outlets in the bunk rooms and it is fine to bring your CPAP with you. Might be a good idea to bring a short extension cord. 

Q: Are there ELECTRICAL outlets onboard?

As mentioned above, YES!!! There are standard outlets available throughout the main cabin and the bunk room. Please don’t bring any expandable outlets or power strips. Two plugs per outlet. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Q: When will you know if my trip is going or not?

You’ll know when we know. IF a weather cancellation is necessary, we will not know until we have all the details and the most recent and accurate weather updates. We receive our information from NOAA and other private weather satellite sites and we compile the most complete knowledge that we can with the information at hand. If Capt Greg determines that the weather will cause unsafe fishing conditions, he will call Alana, and Alana will immediately call everyone on the manifest, send out text messages and emails, and make every effort possible to reach you in as timely a manner as possible. There is no set time that we will know. We will know when we know based on the information we get when we get it. Weather changes very quickly, and sea conditions change even faster. We may be able to give you a full days notice, we may not. We will do the best we can. This page contains the up-to-the-moment weather information as we see it. 

Q: Why are stern/pulpit positions NON-REFUNDABLE?

Stern positions and pulpit positions are notoriously the most popular positions onboard the boat. Does this mean they are better than the other spots? Thats open for debate. Because of their popularity, we require payment in full and they are non refundable because there are great many people who book these spots months in advance, tying up spots that we could otherwise sell. If we don’t hold them responsible, and then turn people away because they only wanted those spots, we lose if those guys don’t show up. So they must be paid in full, they are non refundable, and this is not negotiable. 

Q: Do you have a LIVE WELL onboard?

We do NOT offer community live wells onboard the boat. If you are bringing your own fresh bait rather than using the bait we offer which is included in your cost, you are responsible for your own set up to keep your bait fresh. Click here for more on BAIT.

Q: I have TACKLE questions. How do I speak with the Capt for this?

Alana does tickets, reservations, website updates, Facebook posting, general information, and customer service. The pre game is her department. Tackle is not now, nor has it ever been her area of expertise. If you have specific tackle questions, we urge you to email greg@yankeecapts.com directly. Fishing is his department. If you can’t find the info you need in our tackle suggestion page, ask him the tough tackle questions because we want to be absolutely positive you have the right gear for your trip. 


Do you have a question that might be good addition to our FAQs? Email us at alana@yankeecapts.com, and we might add your suggestion to the page!!!