We do not offer rental tackle at the dock. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN GEAR. However we do recommend a third party that rents what you need (details below). Please contact Jon at (305) 240-3223 for details. It is very important that you have the correct gear, so please do not deviate from this list. Electric reel requirements listed below, and there is also a rental reel option from a local angler detailed here as well. Please note that this rental is not affiliated with Yankee Capts and must be prearranged by you, the angler.

Pulley Ridge and Rankin Ridge Deep Drop Trips

These trips have two different tackle requirements. Day and night fishing. 

Daytime/Deep Drops


If you are going to utilize electric/power assist reels for daytime deep dropping in 600-1200 ft. of water (highly recommended) nothing beats the handheld Banax Kaigen, loaded with 50 lb test braid.  I highly suggest contact James at Frigate Sales. He stocks parts and does all service. Very fast turnaround. If it was me I would not consider another brand of reel or dealer. 

Daiwa Tanacom series 750 also produce suitable products. In any case, make sure to include a 20 foot top shot of 60 lb. test mono between the braid and the rig. The mono top shot also helps the crew when it comes time to undo tangles. Bringing along extra braid and mono is highly recommended. You may not need it but if you don’t have it…….

Two speed reels are a solid option as they provide both speed and torque.If you would like to fish with a hand crank reel then we can recommend-

– Maxel OSL10CB Ocean Max

– Okuma Makaira 15II-SEA

– Penn Baja

Manual conventional reels should be loaded the same way, 50 lb. test braid with a 50 lb. test monofilament top shot.

Please no super large, heavy duty deep drop reels that require you to fish them out of a rod holder, and please don’t bring any sort of homemade contraption that hangs winch over the side. This trip isn’t the place or time for that. Additionally, be sure to stay away from heavy braided lines like 150 lb. or 200 lb. test. This is way too heavy and will require you to fish too much lead to hold bottom.

While (1) fully charged deep cycle 12 V group 27 marine battery is likely enough. Also, if possible bring an extra power cord and/or make sure your current power cord works seamlessly with your battery in regards to alligator clips or plugs. Please be able to disconnect quickly. Alligator clips are best. You need to be mobile!

If you have a Diawa Tanacom please purchase an extra power cord. These cords are very fragile and fail all the time and yours will too. Please be prepared.


If you are interested in renting a Complete Deep Drop Outfit… check this out

Comes with:

– Banax Kaigen 1000 high torque electric reel w 1000 yards of braid

– 8’ Ugly Stick rod

– 12 Volt battery plus power cord

This is the exact set up recommended by Capt Greg!

This outfit is perfect for hauling up Snapper and Grouper up from 600’-1000’.

Cost is $250 per trip.

This offer is not available onboard or through Yankee Capts. For inquiries and more information, Contact Jon at 305 240 3223.



8’0″ rated for nothing less than 30-60 lb. line. yes you need 8 feet because of the platform your fishing off of. You want something with enough backbone to handle three pounds of lead and a big fish, yet still be light/comfortable enough to hold all day long and have a soft enough tip to detect strikes. Please straight butt rods only. You need to be mobile!

We can recommend-

Yankee Capts Special Edition Rod

-Star 50H

-Star 35H

– Shakespeare Ugly Stick USBWB 4080C801

-Crowder EBR 8030 or LB80



Prime daytime baits include whole squid. Most people prefer to bring their own. Count on (1) 5 lb. box per person/per day. Bonito/jacks/kingfish/cuda/etc. We have seen strips of fresh salmon be productive. Anything will work, but squid is the staple.


We highly recommend you tie your rigs instead of crimps. It is much easier withe the tangles. 

You will need the following:

– 20 6/0 Super Muto circle hooks

– 20 7/0 Super Muto circle hooks

– 20 5/0 3 way swivels


Count on fishing 2 lbs of lead (32 oz), sometimes 3 or 4 lb. sash weights are required depending on conditions, but 2 lbs. is generally ideal. PLEASE NO CANNON BALL SINKERS. BANK,SASH OR ROCK SINKERS COD ONLY.

– 4 two Pound Leads

– 4 three Pound Leads

– 2 four Pound Leads

Next up is a new rig I have been watch customers use on deep drop drops the last few years. I’ve not said much about it except to regular customers. However I have been asking and watching my good anglers to fish it. After the last month it is time to hopefully get most of the anglers on my deep drop trips to use it. It is a very effective way to fish. Much much better than the traditional high low rig. Honestly I don’t even think it is close.


So what makes it so great? My thoughts and observations in no particular order-

  • You drop this rig to the bottom and take half a turn on your reel.
  • The sinker does not contact the bottom so chances of getting hung up are low.
  • You fish a strip bait or butterflied whole bait. I have not seen a difference and I don’t think it matter. However you want something that smells and stays on the hook.
  • You want to make sure your bait is NOT spinning. You want your bait to flutter along the bottom. Presentation is key.
  • No need for jewelry. Keep the lights, rubber dildos and all the other junk off these rigs. No need for it. Leave that stuff home.
  • Setting the hook is simple. Wait for your rod tip to pull down. Throw your electric in gear and start winding up. That circle hook will get pulled into the corner of the fish’s mouth. Game over.
  • Tangles are simple. A snip on either end of the the rig and start pulling the ends through. Please no crimps. Knots make this rig effective with regards to tangles. Less time tangled? More time fishing. More time fishing equals fuller coolers.
  • Will this rig work on a private boat? I don’t know. Remember we have 20-40 baits in the water. It creates action under the boat. It’s a different scenario. Time will tell.
  • Overall I witnessed my anglers catch bigger fish with this rig. Plus more of them.
  • Your bait use will be cut down.
  • If you are looking to load up on Rosefish or small snappers this is not the rig to do it with.

If you know me I am not the kind of fisherman who jumps on the newest and greatest stuff. I like to observe and see how things play out. The above rig is a game changer. Take that to the bank. Someone asked me this morning how we are catching those queens snapper? I told them about this rig and and slo pitch jigging. Those two things make me look like I know what I’m doing!

Shown below are typical deep drop rigs we used to recommend.

 tilefish-rig-single-hook-rig tilefish-rig

Sinkers? Rock Cod,Sash or Banks Sinkers ONLY! Please click here to purchase.
– 4 two Pound Leads
– 4 three Pound Leads
– 2 four Pound Leads

Nightime Pulley Ridge/Rankin Ridge


Please remember during this part of trip focus on depths from 200-300 feet at. With that in mind we request no electric reels. We are chasing muttons,tunas and grouper so we don’t want those sinkers banging on the bottom. With that being said your Tortugas tackle will be fine. Make sure to include a 30 foot top shot of 50 lb. test mono between the braid and the rig. The mono top shot also helps the crew when it comes time to undo tangles. Bringing along extra braid and mono is highly recommended. You may not need it but if you don’t have it…….

These reels below are solid options
-Shimano Trinidad 20 or 30
-Shimano Torium 20 or 30
-Shimano Talica II 16
-Diawa Saltist 40


8’0″ rated for  30-50 lb. line. You want something with enough backbone to handle a decent fish yet still be light/comfortable enough to hold all day long and have a soft enough tip to detect strikes.

Yankee Capts Special Edition Rod

-Calstar 800H

-Calstar 850H

-Shakespeare Ugly Stick BWB 1120-8

-Spinning Rod

8”0” 20 lb. spinning tackle that can handle jigs up to 6 ounces.


We will fishing in the Gulf of Mexico so circle hooks will be required while bottom fishing. Any inline circle hook will work however we suggest you get straight eye hooks unless you are very proficient at snelling hooks.

Mustad 39933NP-BN or Owner 5178
-10 7/0
-10 6/0
-10 4/0

The rigs we will be using are little different from regular carolina rigs. The crew will be happy to show you how to rig.


-Count on fishing 10 oz. of lead , sometimes more depending on conditions, but 10 oz. Is generally ideal. Please bring an assortment of bank sinkers ONLY.

-16oz, 12oz, 10oz, 8oz & 6oz

Grouper rig (double swivel)

Slow Pitch Jigging-

Temple Reef Innovate MH 8’0 or H 7’8

Paired with Shimano Torium 16 or Accurate Valiant 500n

Daiwa Jbraid, 8 Strand Line

30lb or 50lb Fluorocarbon Leader

Also needed are the following-

-Assortment of vertical and speed jigs. 4oz and 6oz. Silver/Blue colors are a solid option.

-10 oz. Hammered Diamond jig

– 20 #1 Barrel Swivels

– 20 Plastic Beads

– 30 lb. And 50 lb Leader material

-Shrimp net for dipping fresh flying fish and squid


Since we will be drifting baits without backbones are required. Whole squid, butterflied baits and strips. The bait needs to drift across the bottom and flutter along the bottom. NO SPINNING BAITS!. Remember these fish do not see a lot of pressure so what matters is how the bait is presented and freshness NOT what it is.

Many anglers are simply too busy or do not have the facilities to catch bait on their own. The easiest options are stop by one of the myriad bait shops in the Keys. The Yankee Capts proudly endorses-

Please do not deviate from these requirements!

If you have any questions please email Capt. Greg