The Yankee Capts is available for private charters of any style. Whether you are interested in a one, two, three or four day trip, accommodating a small group of close friends or a large group of clients, the Yankee Capts can put together a fishing trip that is just right for you and your guests. Fishing for groupers and snappers in the famous Dry Tortugas and far offshore areas like Pulley Ridge, whatever your pleasure, the Yankee Capts is ready. These private trips are a great idea for small family get-togethers or extended-family reunions, and for rewarding valuable employees for their hard work. From beginners to avid anglers, grandkids to grandparents, men and women alike, a great fishing trip will create lasting memories for everyone aboard.

Customize Your Charter…


Forget the days of crowded rails and less than pleasant fishing companions.  The 100-foot Yankee Capts will afford you plenty of space to fish your bait, heckle your friend, or simply relax. These trips brings it together like never before. How? Prior to the trip, you can have a pre-trip consultation with Capt Greg where you will go over what specifically you would like to target on your trip, and in what order. Greg will then put together a custom-made fishing plan, using their experience of the areas as well as the seasonal conditions. 24 hours a day there is a captain at work for you. The Yankee Capts has NMFS fishing permits that allow us fish in waters not available to other charter boat operations. We also have the ability to offer you federal catch limits not available to other operations. Down on deck, the best crew in the business is standing by to take care of you. From helping with tackle to a giving a few pointers on how to fool the wary mutton or grouper, they are ready to help. Never before has a charter-type trip been available on a boat with size and capabilities of the Yankee Capts.




Private Charter Rates…

*Please note, that effective immediately and due to high demand for these dates, there is an exclusive and separate rate for any charters booked in June and July, during the limited opening of American Red Snapper. All rates listed below have been reviewed and approved by both our CFO and our CEO and are non-negotiable, no matter what rate you may have received in the past.
Dry Tortugas Fishing: Effective August 1-May 31
Perfect for those looking for a quick getaway to world-class fishing. Our catch is mainly snapper and grouper including Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Red Grouper, Black Grouper, King Mackerel and other native and migratory species.
2 Day: $12,000 or $600 per person, whichever rate is greater, based on your final headcount.
3 Day: $14,000 or $700 per person, whichever rate is greater, based on your final headcount.
4 Day: $16,000 or $800 per person, whichever rate is greater, based on your final headcount.
Pulley Ridge: Effective August 1-May 31
This is a combo trip that focus mostly on deep drops during the day and mutton/tuna fishing at night. You can expect blue-line tilefish, golden tilefish, snowy grouper, yellow-edge grouper, warsaw grouper, queen snapper, black-belly rosefish and up to another dozen species. On previous trips we caught up to 24 different types of fish. You can expect up to 28 hours of deep drop fishing plus up to 12 hours fishing on top of Pulley Ridge for muttons, tunas and blackfin snappers. During the day we will be deep dropping up to 900 feet. At night we will drifting. The second day we will be deep dropping from morning to sunset. We will steam home at night and have you back at the dock on the morning of the third day. For these deep dropping trips, you are required to bring all your own gear. 
3 Day: $16,000 or $800 per person, whichever rate is greater, based on your final headcount.
4 Day: $18,000 or $900 per person, whichever rate is greater, based on your final headcount.
Tortugas Trips: $23,500, Flat Rate
Pulley Ridge: $25,500, Flat Rate

Booking Procedure…

Check out our Calendar of Events for available dates. Private Charters are fit in any of the open spaces between regularly scheduled, open boat trips. Contact us at 305-923-3926 or email to get started. For any Private Charter reservation with us, the head of the charter would be responsible for a 50% deposit, sent with a signed contract, holding you to our 90 cancellation policy, all returned to us within 30 days of booking the charter. Remaining balance is due at departure, in the form of ONE payment of cash, money order, or credit card (Multiple payments from each of your guests will not be accepted. One payment only to pay the entire balance. Thanks!).