YCapts Front Page

Capt. Greg Mercurio leads the Yankee Capts crew in its commitment to quality service. As a dedicated fishermen (we don’t do this on the weekends as a second job), with a established 32 year reputation, nobody knows the areas we fish like Captain Greg Mercurio. Greg’s accomplished catch history and standards are maintained every day, every trip. The crew’s understanding of ocean conditions, bottom structure and behavior of the resident and migratory fish results in consistently superior catches. Whether you are a veteran offshore angler or a first timer to offshore fishing, the crew of the Yankee Capts has the expertise and, more importantly, the positive attitude to insure that your fishing trip will be the best trip possible.

The Wheelhouse

The Yankee Capts is a total state of the art fishing machine. The Wheelhouse is loaded with new and modern electronics. The wheelhouse is equipped with:

  • (1) 48 Mile Furua radas
  • (5) GPS (global positioning system using satellites to navigate)
  • (1) Hondex HE 1500 Video Fishfinder  
  • (1)Waasp Bottom mapping software
  • Time Zero Plotter Software
  • (1) Koden CVB 20 Video Fishfinder integrated with P Sea Windplot
  • (1) Koden ELoran
  • (1) Inmarsat Satellite telephone
  • (1) I Com M802 Single Side Band radio
  • (4) VHF Marine Radios
  • (1) Icom 2 Meter Radio
  • (1) AMEC Class A AIS
  • (1) Digital water temperature gauge
  • (3) 12 Volt Hailers
  • (1) Data Marine depth gauge
  • (1) Ocean PC Pentium 5 Processor Computer
  • (1) P-Sea Software Wind Plot Program
  • (1) Metro Media Weather Fax Software
  • (1) Weather WX Satellite Weather Receiver
  • (1) Simrad 1941 Autopilot 

This equipment combined with Capt Greg’s 32 years of offshore experience, makes the Yankee Capts the best equipped and experienced Offshore overnight fishing boat on the east coast.

The Main Cabin

The Main cabin is an enclosed cabin with windows. Inside you will find comfort and protection from the elements, Two bathrooms (located by the stern door) Bench seats, Dining tables, galley and the access point to the berthing compartments.

Sleeping Quarters

The berthing compartments (sleeping quarters) are located below the main cabin. They are semi-private, berths with a foam mattress, bunks in 3 separate compartments. Two compartments have their own air conditioner and heaters for optimal climate control.

The Engine room

The engine room contains:

  • (2) Caterpillar 3412TAE which deliver 1500 horse power apiece.
  • (2) M864W3 Northern lights 25 kilowatt generator supplying our A/C power.
  • (1) Watermakers Inc. Reverse Osmosis 1000 gallons a day water maker
  • Deck, firefighting and emergency pumps along with dual fresh water tanks

Safety Equipment

The Yankee Capts is a U.S. Coast Guard Certified Passenger Carrying Vesselas such she meets or exceeds the rigorous codes and regulations required by the U.S. Coast Guard. These include, but are not limited to:

Emergency Communications

  • 2 Emergency Satellite Positioning Indicating Radio Beacons
  • Life Jackets for all
  • Life Floats for all
  • Ring Bouys located on upper deck
  • Fire Extinguishers in every compartment
  • (2) Firefighting stations

The Crew is trained to handle all types of emergencies from First Aid and Firefighting to Man overboard and other heavy weather emergencies. The crew perform and practice many Safety exercises and drills at regular intervals.