The office will attempt to give you as much notice as possible if canceling your trip is necessary due to the weather conditions. Since weather-predicting is not an exact science, we gather as much information as possible from different prediction centers before making a decision. We have access to the military weather forecasts, N.O.A.A. forecasts and buoy reports, N.A.S.A. forecasts and private services that we subscribe to.

After reviewing all the data, we will decide whether we should cancel your trip.  Please make sure the office has a phone number or email so we can contact you on or before your departure date.  PLEASE NOTE, on rare occasion, we may have to cancel at the time of departure or during the trip if the forecast or the weather changes.

If your trip is in fact cancelled due to weather, you may opt to be refunded or to rebook to a new date. The easiest way to do this is to click on and fill out the appropriate form below:



We require requests for transfers and refunds in writing, via these forms or by email. This is for your protection against fraudulent requests and to create a filed paper trail of the moves made with your money.