21 Nov

November 21 2021 The Wind Machine Is Cranky

Well Mother Nature has been in complete control. Only been able to get out once in the past month. You live and die by the wind this time of year. Some falls are better than others. It started out fine Read More →
9 Sep

Summer is still cranking!

Summer is still cranking! Greetings All!  Welcome to fall. Been a while since my last report so a overview of the summer is in order. Overall the catches have been there. However plenty of days you needed to be on your game. Paying attention, Read More →
10 Jun

June 10th 2021

Been a while since my last report? What’s been going one here? Well it was a easy winter and spring. Did not lose many trips. In fact one of the easier winter springs in a long time. It was welcomed. Read More →
9 Feb

February 9th 2021

February 9th 2021 Greetings from the Key West Command Center. Plenty to type this fine day so lets get to it. Let’s talk fishing first. A few trips since my last report. Did a Tortugas trip this past weekend so let’s start there. Read More →
30 Jan

January 30th 2021

January 30th 2021 Greetings from Key West. As we go through the month of January this scribe could not be happier. If you remember 2020 in January was a tough month weather wise. We managed 2 trips and they were rough. I can Read More →
18 Dec

Final Report 2020!

Final Report 2020! Greetings from the Key West Command Center. Here begins my year end opus. Plenty to talk about so let’s get to it. Had a conversation the other day with a customer I have not seen in a long long time. Read More →