Well folks, here we go again. The weather forces me to sit on dry land and stew in my thoughts. So though I don’t have much good news to report, typing it out keeps the page relevant for the followers. Folks come this page to see a few pictures, maybe chuckle at my snarky stupid comments or listen to me promote my business. This report isn’t one of those times. I try not to use social media to express opinions. Most of you are not interested and for the most part my opinions are boring. These opinions are mine alone and if you don’t agree move along.
I had the office type up a boiler plate response to the trip this weekend. Sadly we had to cancel. This is the official response.
 ”Sadly Mother Nature has not eased up on the windy conditions on the fishing grounds, but the battle for Ukraine has not eased either. As the turmoil within their borders heightens, Capt Greg has decided that despite the cancellation of our Ukraine Fundraising charter, the Yankee Capts will still carry forth our pledge to donate a matching amount to the relief efforts for the unfortunate victims of this horrible event. Our hearts go out to those effected by this tragic war, and the Ukrainian People are in our thoughts and prayers.” 
Since I put this out there on a worldwide platform, I guess I need to clarify and maybe justify what I am going to do. Yes, I did today make donation in the full amount. I made a promise to a Ukrainian family here in Key West and I had every intention of seeing it through. If you are interested in the story, email me. If you would like to help going forward I found three relief organizations that are legit. These organizations are not top-heavy, so the money goes directly where it is needed most, humanitarian groups that provide food, medicine and essential services. I extend a huge shout out to those that contributed, your generosity is amazing.
My inbox the past few days has been filled with messages about fuel costs. The reoccurring theme is: “When are you adding a fuel surcharge and how much?”
Obviously, fuel is a hot topic and certainly I think about. I can’t remember a time in this business when I have ever dropped the ticket price if fuel was down. So I figure, for now, we hold fast and watch this play out. When we create the 2023 schedule, I will evaluate projected costs and adjust ticket prices accordingly. I understand people still need to drive to get to us, plus all the other associated costs to come fishing. What we offer needs to be remain affordable, I’ll do my part to keep it that way. If it means less profit for me, so be it.
So yes, we sit here at the dock another week. Let Mother Nature do her thing. Soon enough I’ll be on the keyboard bitching under my breath about how busy we are.