1. A blanket/sleeping bag and pillow for your bunk.
  2. Appropriate clothing with extra sets in case they get dirty or wet.
  3. Rain gear and short rubber boots.
  4. Personnel needs including toiletries and medications. SUNBLOCK!
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Soft luggage
  7. 60/80 Qt. cooler for your catch.
  8. 60/80 Qt. cooler for your food and beverages. Remember to leave room for icing at the dock.
  9. Food and Beverages. The boat does not sell food. You must bring your own meals and snacks for the duration of the trip.

What not to bring?

1) Hard liquor is prohibited. Beer is limited to 3 cans, no bottles or less a person per day. A beer cannot be opened until 3 miles off shore and there is no drinking one half hour before arrival at the dock. We do not tolerate over-drinking. If the captain believes an individual has had too much to drink, the captain has the right to curtail alcohol consumption by that individual. The captain may terminate the fishing trip (or charter) at any time, without refund, if one or more individuals become intoxicated or uncontrollable. In addition, no individual(s) will be allowed aboard before a trip if found intoxicated & will forfeit the price of the trip or charter if paid in advance.

2) GPS units (including watches, cameras, electronics embedded with GPS or any hand held positioning systems) are prohibited. Put your phone in airplane mode. If you have forgotten about this rule, the captain can hold this equipment for you during the trip and give it back when the boat returns after the trip.