We are aware that after a long and busy stay onboard the Yankee Capts, in the hectic rush to gather your belongings and pack up your trucks, it is entirely likely you might forget something aboard. Unfortunately, due to a recent rash of “lost and found” reports, we find it necessary to imply a new policy when it comes to your belongings. We simply do not have storage for items that are left behind. Tackle boxes, buckets, sinkers, cameras, rods, reels, duffle bags, pillows, etc. These things pile up quickly. As you may or may not know, our shore support team is not local, and with no main office at or near the dock, the Yankee Capts must take a firm stance that we take no responsibility for lost or left behind items.

If you have discovered that you have left something behind, please contact Capt. Greg immediately (please do not wait a week or two before asking us to attempt to find your items), but know that the Yankee Capts crew can offer no guarantees regarding the retrieval and subsequent protection or storage of that item, nor will we shoulder the responsibility of any form of shipping and handling. If you have left an item onboard, and we do have it, we will hang on to your item for NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS, during which time you are responsible for picking it up, sending a friend to get it, or setting up some sort of shipping for it yourself.

We appreciate everyone’s consideration and cooperation with this new policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office.
Thank you,

Yankee Capts Offshore Fishing Team