IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of October 1, 2020, The Yankee Capts Office will no longer accept credit cards over the phone. If you would like to book your reservation by phone, you will be sent an invoice via email to fill out and pay online. Please know that by paying your online invoices, you are also confirming that you have read and understand the non-refundable ticket purchasing policy of the Yankee Capts. 

Before purchasing a ticket on any of our trips, we strongly recommend you read through the following notes and policies. If you have questions about our cancellation and refund policies, we fully recommend you contact the office BEFORE booking your spots. All Yankee Capts Sales are Final.

Yankee Capts Purchasing Policies

Yankee Capts is dedicated to our customers needs. We strive to bring our customers a wide variety of exciting and enjoyable fishing trips. Our goal is to make our customers phone experience as proficient and simple as possible. The following purchasing policies are intended to help the purchaser understand the entire process of purchasing tickets from Yankee Capts Offshore Fishing Inc.

Before calling our office please review all information in our purchasing policy.

1. AS OF JUNE 1, 2018, All tickets must be PAID IN FULL in order to confirm a spot on any trip for any spot, whether you book online or by phone. We will no longer be offering the option to pay only a deposit in advance. All sales are final.

2. PHONE PURCHASES. When making a purchases by phone, you may opt to send a check, if your departure is more than 30 days out. All phone purchases are considered tentative or pending until paid in full. If we do not receive a full payment within 7 days, we will cancel your reservation. Please make checks payable to:
Yankee Capts, PO Box 2157, Key West FL 33045

3. STERN/PULPIT POLICY. All ticket purchases for the Yankee Capts are non-refundable. Due to the popularity of the stern and pulpit positions, these positions are also non-transferrable. If you choose to cancel a stern or pulpit position that you have paid for, you will not be refunded and you will not be afforded the opportunity to transfer the ticket to another trip. This policy is long-standing and non-negotiable.

4. TRANSFERS. For non-stern/pulpit spots, a customer may make a transfer if at least 21 days or more notice prior to the departure is given.

5. FULL REFUND or transfer permitted if the Yankee Capts cancels a trip due to weather, minus a $20 processing fee for all credit card purchases.

6. Notice regarding Groups of 12 or more: Yankee Capts offers a 10% discount to parties of 12 persons or more, DOES NOT INCLUDE PULLEY RIDGE TRIPS or any trip designated as a LIMITED LOAD. This does not apply to stern/pulpit positions. In order to receive this discount, one person must take responsibility for all contact, payments and communication of departure information to all members in their party. Money should be collected in advance by contact person and forwarded to the Yankee Capts. Reservation will be made under one person’s name and it is the financial responsibility of that person for any “no-show” charges for that group. In the event that the number of persons in their party drops below 12, the 10% discount will not be offered. Rail positions 1-8 do not qualify for this discount. If you are reserving for more than one person, you are responsible for notifying all the people in your party about the reservation and cancellation policies. Payment in full (minus the 10% discount) is required within one week of booking.

7. If you happen to have a balance on the day of departure, you may contact the office to settle it or pay the balance of at the time of sailing to the Captain upon check-in. Cash, credit cards and money orders are acceptable forms of payment. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT CHECKS AT THE TIME OF SAILING. The Yankee Capts will be available for boarding three hours before the departure time. All purchases ON BOARD THE BOAT, such as food or tackle rental are CASH ONLY.

8. We realize that you spend your hard earned money on these trips, which is why we try to keep the fares as low as possible. However, should the price of fuel or bait dramatically increase, we may find it necessary to add a surcharge without notice. Prices are subject to change at anytime.

9. All refunds, exchanges, and/or disputes involving any purchase is subject to the Yankee Capts management discretion. However, as a rule, all sales are final unless the Captain cancels a departure.

10. The Yankee Capts cannot be held liable for any charges incurred with other stores, vendors, or travel accommodations and expenses in the event of a cancellation. Debts a customer incurs as part of his journey south to our location are at his own risk and are of no responsibility to the Yankee Capts should we need to cancel a departure.

Credits, Vouchers, Discounts and Complementary Tickets. Please read carefully!

In the event that Capt Greg voluntarily provides a complementary ticket or a discount to be used on a future trip as compensation for loss of fishing time, that credit, voucher, discount, or complementary ticket MUST adhere to the following restrictions and guidelines. No exceptions will be made for any reason.

a) Any time a credit, voucher, discount, or complementary ticket is issued by Capt Greg, it MUST be used within ONE calendar year of issuance. Expiration will be on the final day of that month the following year.

b) A complementary ticket is ONLY good for what it is issued for. For example, a 2 day ticket WILL NOT be accepted for use on a 3 day trip. No allowances will be made so that the customer may pay the difference. The comp is only good for what Capt Greg issues it for.

c) NO credits, vouchers, discounts, or complementary tickets may EVER be used for stern or pulpit positions, regardless of what position you held in an original reservation that you may be transferring. Stern/pulpit positions must ALWAYS be paid in full at the time of booking and are always non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions.

d) Any credit, vouchers, discounts, or complementary tickets issued by Capt Greg for any reason must be used on NEW reservations only. They cannot be transferred into a reservation you already had booked previous to receiving said credit.

e) Credit, vouchers, discounts, or complementary tickets with the M/V Yankee Capts have no monetary value and cannot be sold, traded or given to a friend. They are only good for use by the person afforded said credit.

f) Unless otherwise specified by Capt Greg at the time of issuance, no credit, vouchers, discounts, or complementary tickets may be used on any trip designated LIMITED LOAD. This includes but is not limited to all Pulley Ridge or private charter trips as well.

If at any time you have any questions about our policies and restrictions, please do not hesitate to contact the office in writing:

Payment Policies

Types of Payments Accepted
The Yankee Capts Office accepts Visa, Discover and MasterCard only for any credit card purchases, online or over the phone.

Order Confirmation
In the event that you do not receive a confirmation email after your purchase has been processed, or if you receive an error message or a service interruption after you have submitted your payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm with the Yankee Capts Office at (305) 923-3926 to confirm that your order has been received and/or processed. Yankee Capts Offshore Fishing Inc. is in no way responsible for any loss of money or tickets if you assume that an order was not placed because you failed to receive a confirmation email.

Yankee Capts Offshore Fishing Inc. Privacy Policy
Information that we receive about you:
When you place an order we collect your contact information (i.e., full name, mailing address, phone number, and email address (if applicable)). This information is only used to process your order, to mail your purchase (if applicable), and to contact you concerning the event you have purchased tickets for. Your email may be added to our news blasts about upcoming trips. We do not sell or trade your contact information. Consequently your information may be provided to the credit card issuing company, or the credit card processing company if it is necessary to process your order. Also you may receive mailings in the future from Yankee Capts Offshore Fishing Inc.

Yankee Capts Online Purchasing Policies
Yankee Capts is dedicated to our customers needs. We strive to bring our customers a wide variety of exciting and enjoyable fishing trips. Our goal is to make our customers online experience as proficient and simple as possible. The following purchasing policies are intended to help the purchaser understand the entire process of purchasing tickets online from Yankee Capts Offshore Fishing Inc. All sales are final.

Before completing your transaction online, please be sure you understand the following policy:

Credit Card Refund Policy (effective 6/15/2018)

Valid for ANY refunds issued via credit card: If you are issued a refund via your credit card for a trip with us, your total refund will reflect the withholding of a $20 processing fee.