Well Mother Nature has been in complete control. Only been able to get out once in the past month. You live and die by the wind this time of year. Some falls are better than others. It started out fine but then last week in October it made up for it. Hopefully thinking back to past years it normally gets this pattern out its system by January and then settles downs. This year? Who knows?

Here is a link to a report.

We have not spent all this off time idle, I’ve kept Key West Engine Service busy with end of the year maintenance.

  • Replaced all saltwater engine pumps
  • Sent all injectors to fuel shop for service
  • New battery charger for main banks
  • Switch DC circuits all to 24 volts from 32 volts
  • Service transmissions
  • New digital tachs and voltmeters
  • All the little things that add up that we don’t get to when were busy

So now we wait for weather window to sail again. I know the game but it’s tiring.

Lastly. In these crazy times, where supply and demand chains are breaking down around us, we are fully aware of the rising price tags on just about everything we rely on. The increasing cost of operating a fishing boat is no different. But the Yankee Capts is striving to offer ticket prices as low as possible, keeping our trips as reasonably priced as possible for our valued customers. As we watch the cost of fuel creep higher and higher, the Yankee Capts is not raising the ticket price for 2022 like many other boats have had to. We hope that our commitment to remaining affordable will only enhance your experience with the Yankee Capts and we continue to appreciate your sustained patronage.