Greetings All! 

Welcome to fall. Been a while since my last report so a overview of the summer is in order.

Overall the catches have been there. However plenty of days you needed to be on your game. Paying attention, rigging correctly and listening to the crew was the ticket this summer. Why?  Well the weather was not exactly summer weather. We had plenty of wind. Too much for my liking.  Ironically the past week is what I would call summer weather pattern. With those conditions came a great bite on the last trip. In fact we were back a day early with no room. I’d like to take credit for the excellent catch but it all just came together, Good deep dropping during the day and steady muttons and hambones at night. No doubt I will take it but also know the big boy conditions will be here soon. 

So the next month we chug along finishing up our busy time. Hopefully the wind gods are kind? After this summer I think we deserve it.

A couple pics of some typical catches we have seen this summer.


Happy to report the schedule is now done through 8/22. Check out the calendar page for the full schedule. Our reservation allows booking a calendar year out. Please click here.

Thanks for checking in,