Greetings from the Key West command post. Back in from out first post Corona trip.

As stated in my previous posture check point went down at 530 PM on Sunday the 31st. So we delayed departure till 2200 and made up the missed time on the back end of the trip. Many thanks to everyone for being understanding and making it work.

Overall the catching was good. Muttons ruled the totes with yellowtails also. Red snapper were elusive. Only a few. Weather was rainy with a little wind at times. Overall I will take it. Many anglers had mutton limits.

So now we are right back to our normal schedule. Very busy with only a few days on the dock till August. I would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience with me and the office. Most people transfered their funds to other trips. Today I sent out the last of the refunds and was amazed with the grand total. I was humbled by how low the number was. At the being of this mess I was concerned and had no idea how Yankee Capts and my employees would come out of this on the back side. Well because of our customers we are stronger than ever. You guys were very understanding (except 3 customers who were permanently banned from my boat, I can do that because I am the big boss), I won’t forget everyones understanding and cooperation.

So this weekend we wait for the first tropical event in the GOM to move past us to get back to work. We lost the weekend trip. The ocean is no place for the Yankee Capts this weekend. So we do some more maintenance and some more updating too. I’m tweaking the new AC units into cabin to get the most efficiency possible. A couple of customers complained to me it was too cold in the cabin. Mission accomplished!

Next trip is on Monday. Weather looks spectacular. Still room on all trips. Please check here.

Thanks for looking!