Mucho to talk about about, let’s start with the crappy stuff first.

Many anglers have asked going forward what were doing about Covid guidelines going forward? Well I’ve put it to print-

  • Stay home if you are sick, or showing or feeling any COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, coughing, and/or troubled breathing. If you are feeling symptomatic we ask that contact the office and transfer your ticket at least 14 days out.
  • Temperatures will be taken at boarding. If your temperature is above CDC Guidelines we ask you to head to your vehicle and wait 15 minutes in the AC before we retake your temperature. If your temperature is still above the guideline then you will not be able to go on the trip.
  • Practice social distancing by keeping at least six (6) feet of distance between yourself and others. The captain and crew have marked off spaces at the rails and ask anglers to spread out. 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Wash hands often or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol when soap and water are not available.
  • We will ask that masks be worn when in proximity to others. (BYOM; bring your own mask) and hand sanitizer. 
  • Don’t share fishing gear with others. Each angler should have their own fishing gear (rod and reels, bait, lures, towels, pliers, and other personal items).

It is of course up to each of you to adhere to your own practices personally. We ask for courtesy among the anglers and cooperation is at your discretion and appreciated. 

So that is the “official” position of Yankee Capts and this scribe. What does that mean? Well funny you should ask.

Since my last report I have done 2 trips with passengers on board. I was very careful to watch everyones behavior during the trip. I can tell you this. Soon as the fish were biting the Covid 19 concerns went right out the shit house door so to speak. I asked people to adhere to the guidelines. To a person I got a funny look, told to go have sex with myself or told me not worry about it. Human nature is a unique strange thing. So everyone makes their own choice. So what does that mean to you if your on upcoming trip? I’m sure every group will be different. So if the above statements are of concern to you then I’d suggest you find another trip and rebook your reservation to a time you feel more comfortable. One thing is for sure I can ask people to adhere but in all fairness most people won’t listen.

Moving forward our first official trip is 5/31.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Dept. has issued a statement dating “June 1” as the timeline for the end of the checkpoint. If you’ve ever lived in the Keys, you know that, much like in a hurricane evacuation plan, this checkpoint is a very fluid situation, apt to change on a dime. Authorities issue a “date of opening” based on the hope that they won’t be bombarded with a traffic backup when it “comes down,” but in all actuality, the checkpoint disappears much before the noted date comes. I have been told personally, on valid and good authority, despite the “official” release date with Monroe County, that the checkpoint will be removed BY or ON May 31 st. Leading us to believe that our departure on the 31st is not in jeopardy. 
If you are booked on the trip leaving 5/31 I would suggest you head down to the Keys as usual . I think waiting somewhere in Florida City would be a good idea till the checkpoint is gone. I have it on very good authority it will be taken down in the afternoon of 5/31. Soon as it has been taken down we will send a mass text message to everyone on the trip. Plus you can text the boat phone at 305 923 4401. It is text enabled.
Now it is also possible we will not get off the dock at the advertised time. If that is the case I will add time to trip on the other end to make up for it. Since we are not going out the night we get in the Yankee Capts will be available to stay on if you like. We stay at a full service marina with all the facilities you need including a pool.  
At the end of the week we will be in touch with any updates or adjustments.
So if your booked on the trip on 5/31 please be in contact with the office or myself at or We will try to answer your emails a quickly as possible. However if you have heard nothing from the office you can be assured we have no new news. Thanks for your patience.
So lastly as I stated before the last two trips we have been done have been nothing sort of excellent. Both back early with limits of deep water and shallow water reef fish.
Pictures tell a 1000’s words-
Thankfully we have some links to share from anglers on the trips-
So thanks for looking! Any questions please email us!