So it’s been a week since my last entry. What does Greg have offer about anything hard concrete facts about this situation? Zero zilch and nada! I will keep my personal comments off this page. In the end my opinion does not really matter. This situation is, for the most part completely out of my control.

So what can I talk about in this post? Well the small projects still continue. Do a couple small things a day. Procrastinate on most things? Myself and the dog hit a sandbar for a swim. Wash, rinse and repeat the next day. Somewhat similar the movie Groundhog Day? One thing I have learned about myself I’m not cut out for this “Standing by shit”. Waiting for the government to tell me the next set of guidelines. It is just not me. Hell at this point I’d rather lick doorknobs than do this. I’m dead serious.

So getting back to boat stuff nothing exciting to report. My main focus is keeping the gremlins away. Boats that sit often have issues with critical systems. Last week we went for a check out ride and lost an impeller. Certainly happens but that engine has only had that issue 2 other times since the original install. I have replaced them according to the regular maintenance. Coincidence since the boat has been sitting since 12/15/19? I don’t know. I do know this boat has been sitting more than it ever has because of the shit winter weather and this shutdown. To give some perspective that has been since 1977. Hard to believe isn’t it? So now a weekly cruise is part of our routine.

Today went ahead and fired up all the AC’s in the main cabin and bunk room. I am happy to report everything is set for the upcoming summer schedule. Well worth the time and effort to get this project done.

Lastly the county government has made a post about projected openings. Take it for what it is worth.

Monroe County Emergency Management began designing the draft framework to discuss relaxing the protective measures in the Florida Keys once the threat of COVID-19 begins to ease for Florida Keys residents. Monroe County is not yet in recovery mode, but has begun coordinating the framework with local municipalities, to ensure a safe and unified approach to the “new normal.”

The relaxing of protective measures will be data-driven and flexible and done at the advisement of the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County. Data to be considered will include no new cases or a steady downward trend in the Florida Keys for at least two weeks, and analysis of results as testing becomes more widespread. The timeline for applying any benchmarks will not be tied to specific dates and some potential benchmarks may move faster or slower. If issues re-arise, protective measures could be re-implemented.

• The draft framework is meant to be flexible and to change as our reality evolves, which will include results of increased testing.

• All decisions will be made with guidance and consultation with the Florida Dept. of Health, based on science and data.

• The County will take into consideration the actions of the counties closest to us.

• There are no real hard timeframes. A good starting point is being discussed as a period of two weeks of declining infections. Additional actions will be based on what we are being advised based on the data, which will include testing results.

• Details for the general direction of these actions will be discussed with input from key stakeholders, like hoteliers and restaurants.

• As always, municipalities will have the liberty to amend these guidelines as appropriate, provided they are not less restrictive.

The framework’s first phases are designed to provide some relief for residents of the Florida Keys and include opening outdoor recreational facilities throughout Monroe County and to begin the re-opening of non-essential businesses. Subsequent actions based on meeting benchmarks include easing protective measures on wearing masks in public settings, reopening restaurants to onsite dining with capacity restrictions, and allowing groups of more than 10 people to gather. Some of these actions will be based on state restrictions also being removed.

The final phases would involve reopening the Florida Keys to visitors. Assuming benchmarks are met for containment of the virus in a broader geographic area, actions would include discontinuing capacity restrictions on restaurants, reopening lodging, removing the checkpoints coming into the Florida Keys, and lifting screening measures at the airports. Reaching these final benchmarks will be dependent on external factors and the state of COVID-19 cases in Miami-Dade and other major hubs that frequent the Florida Keys.

You can also follow the Monroe county government and its local officials here. They post an update everyday.

Enjoy this picture the late 90’s. The forklift is loading ice. We were still in the yard but had a trip that night. Nothing like a tight schedule. Photo credit to Marco Lograsso.

So that’s all I have today. Thanks for looking. Any questions give me a shout at

Hang in there,