Greetings and salutatuions from Key West Florida. I hope this report finds you well and everyone had a great holiday season. Much to talk about so let us get to it.

First some fishing reports-

November 8 2019

November 27 2019

December 15 2019

We also did 2 Tortugas trips. Great weather with a pick of yellowtails, few muttons and red groupers. For those who fished hard, fished smart, asked questions and paid attention they had a nice looking cooler at the dock.

A couple of changes of note from the office. Seems as we introduce new trips and go to new areas, our anglers are confused about what they are going catch and what their expectations should be. So going forward,  you can expect multiple emails from the office to make sure you know what to expect on your trip. Obviously it’s up to you to read the emails and understand them. If you have questions? Ask! That’s  why we are here! We want our customers well-informed and prepared. Don’t understand the answer? Keep asking!

So I sit here and type the weather gods have not been very cooperative. Gale warnings are up here in the Keys. It is not fit for humans to be on the offshore waters on the Yankee Capts. So for the meantime we pick away at projects and enjoying the time off. Knowing full well busy times are coming. We take what we can get this time of year.

Hopefully our next trip is Monday, 1/13/20. Hoping the weather gods give us something to work with. still loads of room. Please click here.

Thanks for looking. More later.