Well this winter has been something else! Obviously the virus pandemic has everyone spun up or worried. For most its both. I will leave my personal feelings out of this report and focus on the Yankee Capts. Here we go.

So as most of your know this winter has been a windy one. I think I’ve only run 50% of the trips. I have never seen it so windy here in Key West the last 30 years. I really don’t know what else to say about it?

Fishing on the trips we have gotten out on has been good. Halfway Ridge has been excellent.

I have some links to share-

The Madness of Muttons, Yankee Capts Jan 23.

Look, Learn, Find. Yankee Capts. Feb 14.

Porgie time on the Yankee Capts.

So with all the time off I have dedicated my time to working on the Capts. Everyday I walked around the boat and make lists. Besides routine maintenance that we are all caught up on I have been doing projects that I’ve always wanted to do. Things that were never really important and the time was never there. If you are a boat owner in this business you know exactly what I’m talking about. Never seems we have enough time to finish these lists, However this time looks like we are. If you are interested you can always check out Facebook and Instagram pages. I update those frequently.

So going forward this next few weeks we are day by day. It’s a very fluid situation, Things change almost hourly. If you need to get in touch with the office. Email is best. Alana is getting flooded with calls. Please be patient. We will get back to you.

Lastly thanks to everyone with their patience and understanding. Most everyone is rebooking to other dates. You have no idea financially how this helps us. Many many thanks those customers.

So we now we wait going forward.  Trips will be decided on a trip by trip basis. We will give plenty of notice. Again if have questions please email me at greg@yankeecapts.com.

In the end I think we will all be fine. Hang in there.