Greetings from the Key West command center.

Only one trip since my last report. In any ways a very typical Tortugas trip for this time of year. Yellowtails were everywhere and for the most part very hungry. In fact baits were tore up before anything else could even hit it. This went on for most of the trip. I even tried to wait them out where I knew there were muttons. That really did not work out well. I waited to long on some spots, of course customers are always quick to point that out!

Then the weather decides to change it mind. A front that was supposed to come through late Saturday night comes through mid morning. With the frustration meter pegged I decided to call it a trip and get in a day early. Doing a 2 day trip instead of a 3 day trip.

Here are few pics from the trip-




This past weekends trip was canceled due to another cold front. I am glad we did cancel. At one point on Saturday morning winds were clocked at just shy of 40 knots at Fort Jefferson. Not fit for humans on the ocean. At least on the Yankee Capts.

So the last few days I have picked away at small projects. Things that I always want to get done but always seems to get put off. Mostly cosmetic stuff I’m sure Adel and Jarbas will appreciate!

Lastly only 2 open boat trips till till we break for the holidays. Still room on both trips. Please click here. If your looking for Christmas muttons this is the trip, please click here. Still tweaking the 2020 schedule from 7/1 till 10/1. I will be working on that this week. Soon as I finish that I will post it ASAP.

Only one trip this week. Sold out Pulley trip. Look for a report Sunday. Thanks for looking.