Obviously I have not updated this page in quite sometime. I have no excuse, epic fail! I have however been keep up with my social media though. I know its no excuse but if you have been looking for updates about us they are out there.

So I have done quite a few trips in the last 2 months. Over all we have been doing good. Some trips a grind a some a good bite. The common theme is fish hard, fish smart and fish for what’s available.

One thing I thought was odd was the weather. September was a breezy month. Just enough to let you know summer was over and winter was one its way. Temperatures dropped in September too. Normally we hold summer temperatures through October.

Here are few pictures over the last trips, enjoy-


Over the last few weeks we have spent a fair amount of time doing updates maintenance and repair. After a long summer running non stop its always time to put some love back into the Yankee Capts. Most things we have done will not be apparent to out anglers. However some are excellent upgrades to bunk room and main cabin. When we are done I will post some pictures. I can say this we have done some excellent work. I am most pleased. For me to say that that means something. My checkbook is very light as I have spent just shy of six figures doing these improvements. Well worth it in my opinion as reliability and safety can never have a price.

Lastly working on the schedule to finish up 2020. Lots to choose from and some new stuff too. As soon as it is final we will post it.

Thanks for looking, more later.