Greetings from Key West. I would like to wish everyone a very blessed and Thanksgiving.

Plenty to talk about so lets get to it. I can report our second Halfway Ledge trip was excellent. 3 drifts for 27 hours of fishing. At it best we had on 4 four fish on at a time. At it’s worst we had to wait 20 minutes in between fish. At 0900 on Saturday morning we wrapped it up. We were into the front boxes.

I can say I have never done a trip with such a steady bite with such crappy conditions. The wind was up from beginning to end. Medium muttons and red groupers ruled the totes. A few tunas in the mix too. Pool fish was a 50 pound black grouper. No jacks to speak of. A few alamaco’s but AJ’s were absent.

I can now say with complete authority Halfway Ridge is the real deal. We have done two trips in the area. I don’t impress easily. This area is special. Here is a report from a customer from the trip. Please click here.

Here are some pictures too-

20171118_212814 20171118_212848 20171118_213033 20171118_213921 FB_IMG_1511104381589 FB_IMG_1511107591603

Because of the success of this trip I have added to more to the schedule for 2018. Spots are filling fast-

Halfway Ledge: 40 Fathom Special 01/22/2018
Halfway Ledge: 40 Fathom Special 02/26/2018
Halfway Ledge: 40 Fathom Special 04/02/2018

Lastly this week we will doing our annual Thanksgiving Special. Weather looks great. Looking to forward to seeing what’s going on in the Tortugas.

Thanks for looking! Happy Thanksgiving!