Greetings from a cold and windy Key West.  Our first significant cold front just passed through this am. This one is the real deal. 30 knots of wind and plenty of rain too. Temps are dropping like a rock too. I don’t like losing trips under any circumstances however the ocean is no place for humans this weekend unless your on a cruise ship. I am happy to sit here and type away doing reports and paperwork. Besides the cool weather feels good!

Three trips since my last report. Honestly no much has changed. Great steady bites of muttons and groupers on our trips way past the Tortugas. In fact I have been pushing into new areas past Halfway Ledge and the Pulley Ridge HAOPC. On my last trip we were almost 30 miles north and west of the closed areas. Why do I tell you this? Simply the more time I spend out that way the more I find to fish on. I have no doubt the areas are bigger than I thought. Obviously I am just getting my feet wet in this area. Is it starting to make sense? Yes and no. Because the bites are steady we spend more time fishing than me driving around and looking. I have gone in 3 different directions the last three trips. All areas have shown the same promise as well as the same amount of fish in the fish boxes. So no complaining from this scribe!

Here are a couple of reports from previous trips. Please click here and here. Also pics from the past trip-

Resized_20171207_060312 10 YANKEE CAPTS DEC 3 TO 5 2017-1

23658703_10155939486129722_5207383799260015885_n  9 YANKEE CAPTS DEC 3 TO 5 2017

Not to be forgotten we have been fish in the Tortugas also. Yellowtails are on fire. Everywhere we go they are the prevelant fish in the totes. It is not surprising, November and December are their time to shine. Some muttons and groupers around too. If you fish smart and pay attention a full cooler is the prize.

So only a few trips left in 2017. Only one is a open boat. Still loads of room, please click here. Also check out our availability page. Our schedule is made till August 1. In the next few weeks I will be working on the remainder of the 2018 schedule

So the next week will picking away at projects and maintenance. Sometimes I think I get ahead of projects. Then of course I realize I was mistaken. It never stops, never.

Thanks for looking Owen.

More later,