18 Jun

June 18 2018 FSF kills it again!

June 18 2018  FSF kills it again! Another great trip with the Florida Sport Fishing charter. How best to describe? Some great bites, some steady/slow times and a good anchor stop to finish it up. When the dust settled we had 35 totes plus. A great looking Read More →
13 Jun

June 13 2018

June 13 2018 Greetings from the Key West Command Center. A very busy start this month. Between open boat and charters we have been moving at a good pace. Overall catches have been good, Sunrise and sunsets bites have been excellent, the rest Read More →
27 May

May 27 2018. The rain machine is finally dying!

Greeting from a very wet and windy Key West. All is quiet here as all trips have been canceled till May 31. Starting June 1 were get slammed. Fishing six day a week till the fall. Turn and burn as Read More →
23 May

May 23 2018 Noah is building a Ark here!

May 23 2018 Noah is building a Ark here! Greetings All! We just doing are thing down here. Sadly the wind God has not been kind to us. May has pretty much been a blow out. Obviously plenty of rain too. ¬†looking back on years past may has not Read More →
2 May

May 2 2018

May 2 2018 Greeting from Key West. Very busy few weeks here. Turn and burn has been the theme. In out in out, We have been busy. We are blessed. First off here is a link to a trip two weeks ago. Please Read More →
12 Apr

April 12 2018

April 12 2018 Busy busy week. No complaints about the weather or the fishing. We have been blessed. I have a link from the last trip, please click here. Plenty of pictures from the last month. They can tell the story. As you Read More →