Greetings All!

We just doing are thing down here. Sadly the wind God has not been kind to us. May has pretty much been a blow out. Obviously plenty of rain too. ¬†looking back on years past may has not been kind to use. Overall its not one of the better months weather wise here. However summer is just around the corner, I can’t wait! So many days of good weather plus great catches in store. New trips and new areas too.

As far as reports go I have a link from a trip last week. Please click here. We actually did two trip out the west last week. Both were excellent. Good quality and great numbers. One nigh the tuna bite was insane. Thankfully the weather held up that week. The Tortugas trips we did were just a pick at best. We battled tough tides and and when I tried to slide offshore I found Mr. Gulfstream waiting to say hello.

Starting Friday we jump right into our summer schedule. Here we go, me and the boys are ready.

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Thanks for looking,