Greeting from Key West. Very busy few weeks here. Turn and burn has been the theme. In out in out, We have been busy. We are blessed.

First off here is a link to a trip two weeks ago. Please click here. The we followed it up with deep drop trip to Rankin Ridge, please click here. No doubt 2 excellent trips with some trophy fish.

Our last Tortugas trip was plagued with tough conditions. The tide was screaming which boxed us into a area I would rather not fish in. However given the grouper regulations in April we did not have much of a choice. Plenty of yellowtails around and with a mixed bagged coolers looked ok at the dock. Again fish for what’s available and put your time in. Sound familiar from this scribe?

Here are a couple random photos form the last month-





Lastly not much to report here this week. We lost the South Atlantic Grouper Opener because of the wind forecast. NOAA was right on the money. It is nasty down here. The ocean is no place for humans this week. I am hoping the wind lets go for tomorrows trip. I am cautiously optimistic. The pressure ridge associated with all this wind needs to get moving pronto. If your booked for this weekends trip please be in contact with the office.

Thanks for looking, more later.