Greeting from a very wet and windy Key West. All is quiet here as all trips have been canceled till May 31. Starting June 1 were get slammed. Fishing six day a week till the fall. Turn and burn as the crew likes to say.

Next I have added another Halfway Ledge trip over a weekend. I announced just the other day on social media first and it is now half full. We normally don’t have these trips over a weekend so this is a good opportunity for our weekend anglers. If your interested please click here. This trip has become our number one producer. Catch’s in the photo below are common.



Not much else to report here. Doing things around the boat and office that seem to always get put off because of our busy schedule.

Lastly don’t forgot about the meaning of Memorial Day. It’s not about BBQ’s or the start of the summer season. Take a minute and find if you don’t know. To me it’s our most important holiday in this country.

Thanks for looking,