Greetings from the Key West Command Center.

A very busy start this month. Between open boat and charters we have been moving at a good pace.

Overall catches have been good, Sunrise and sunsets bites have been excellent, the rest of the day has been a pick. One trip we filled up early and were back in on Saturday night. For what ever reason every plave I have tried for red snappers has been covered in muttons. Not even sure why that isis? Normally it is the opposite. In fact on place I have been watching for 6 months has been covered with reds. I went there on June 1 and had a 7 hour mutton bite. Never saw a red. I’m still shaking my head?

Last we did do a deep drop/Halfway Ledge charter. Just a slow pick but we did manage to fill the back boxes.

IMG-0386  IMG-0384


Here is a link from a customer, please click here.

Another busy week on tap. The annual FSF trip in the weekend and then right back out for another 4 day charter.

More later, thanks for looking!