Since my last report things have changed. The weather has been grumpy. We took a thrashing on one trip and had to come in early on a another. The forecasts were all over the place and a little wiggle from a high pressure above us made for some nasty conditions. Such is fall in the Florida Straits. Of course since we have no trips scheduled the next 2 weeks as the weather will be nice. Typical.

So this morning we hauled the Yankee Capts for her bi annual inspections as well a complete bottom job. Initial inspections of the running gear and hull went well. This afternoon we will dive deep into the projects. Everything we are doing is routine. Again spending all the time and money the past 4 years is paying off. If you were in my position you could appreciate it even more. I sleep better at night because of it.


Of special note we will be installing a new sounder and transducer this haul out. When we are doing our deep drops trips I was never completely comfortable with my equipment. It was just fine on most days. However I want something that tell me more before the rigs go in the water. This unit will fit the bill. Many thanks to to John at Voyager Marine. John has been my electronics guy since I started in this business. Also spot on with advice and always makes sure you get what you need a fair price. The sounder project starts the end of the week. Pictures to come.

If you would like to follow along I will be updating my facebook with pictures as the week progress’s. Click here.

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