Greetings from the Key West command center.

A very busy 6 six weeks since my last report. Let’s get started.

First off I wish I could report the Tortugas trips have been doing good. The conditions have been no bueno. Dirty green water and plenty of movement to that water. The handful of times the conditions were normal we did do well with yellowtails, muttons and groupers. Obvisously we did not see enough of those conditions. Before last weekends trip I though the conditions would have changed. Hurricane Michael came within 300 miles of Key West. I thought the wind and pressure change  would be the ticket for a change. It did not change a thing. Thankfully it will be 3 weeks before we head out that way again. Plenty can change in that time frame. I’m gonna light a candle at my church too for good measure.

39453881_10156634651774722_2025742808584814592_nThankfully our trips deep into the Gulf of Mexico have been very steady. Grouper and snapper limits are the norm. Plenty of quality as well as exotics mixed in too. Jig fisherman have been king. Many did not even consider using a piece of bait. If it was me on one of those trips I would jig till I got tired. Then I would use my other arm. When my arm fell off I would got back to the other arm. When that one fell off the trip would probably be done. If not my cooler would be full anyway.  I don’t think I can state it ant clearer than that. Best jig? I still have not seen a better jig than the hammered diamond. Color? I give a slight edge to silver. Cheap and effective. A large bucktail with a ballyhoo or a tough strip bait would be my second choice. 

So what on tap the next 3 weeks? We have a week of trips. Off to Halfway Ridge and a deep drop trip to Howells Hook. Then it is time of year for inspections and maintenance for a couple of weeks. We have already done one of our USCG inspections. It was simple, quick and efficient. A couple things to buy and a couple of excellent suggestions. Next week we head too the shipyard for our biannual hull inspection and a complete bottom job. So far the worklist is not overwhelming. I’m sure things are coming to pop up as they always do. As always things will get done right. 

Lastly I am happy to report the all the money I have spent on the Yankee Capts the last 3 years has been money well spent. Everyday I can see that more and more. We have routine maintenance but rarely are we spending downtime fixing things. I guess you might not be able to appreciate that unless your in my position?

So thanks for looking more when I can.