Greetings from the command center.

This big machine just keeps rolling along. Trips blend into blur sometimes but fishing remains constant. Overall at the end of the trips the catches are there. Quality rules the totes. We are blessed to be able to fill coolers and stay busy. As the summer begins to wane on the calendar things here at the Yankee Capts remain constant. Plenty of trips remain with plenty of great weather to come. Before you know it November will be here. I’m curious to see what the bite holds for us. November is a great month in the Tortugas. I can’t help but wonder what it will be like northwest where we have been fishing?

This report I’m going to let the customers do the talking-

Deep drop report, please click here.

As you can see conditions are tough off the edge. Between the convergence of the loop and gulfstream current it makes things very difficult. Time will change this. When? That is the million dollar question. My guess is a strong cold front and the earth tilting away from the sun as the days get shorter as we move into winter. Basically its gonna be awhile. On my end I can push up the edge a bit and see if it gets better. However if I do that I get too far from our night grounds. That is not a good option as that has been our bread and butter the past month. On the trip you just read I gave the anglers the option of going deep or staying up on top. They choose to go deep and that was a mistake. We managed 2 totes for the day and the crew got a chance to practice doing tangles. Guess what? My deck crew does not need the practice. So going forward if your booked on a deep drop trip your going to plenty of heavy lead. Also don’t be surprised if we need to be flexible. If you have any questions give me a shout at

Here is a link from a trip we just got back from. Please click here.

d29n2sj7sax9I think the picture on the left gives a great indication what we have been blessed with the past few months. Quality fish blessed with great weather.

Lastly the schedule for 2018/19 is coming together. I have been tweaking it some. Mostly to accommodate future charters. Plus a few tweaks on trip as we still push out and try to find to areas to fish. Also I am trying to gauge the interest in a “jig only trip”. I’m thinking a 3 or 3 1/2 day trip? If your interested please e mail me.

Back out tonight on another charter. Weather looks spectacular. More later.