Greetings from Key West.

Well are now 3 trips into our red snapper season. As I type I shake my head. Per usual things have changed.

The short version is the places that traditionaly hold reds this time of year have been loaded many medium mutton snappers.

This is a typical stop. We get a blast of reds then the muttons take over. In fact some stops have lasted as much as 5 hours with a fish on all the time to 10 minutes in between fish. When the dust settles we have been filling the back boxes with a few fish up front. Like I said muttons rule the totes but red snapper limits also show up in the coolers too.

Here is a typical show I have seen the past week-


I will spare you the boredom of more pictures coolers full of muttons and red snappers.

We have been blessed with excellent weather. Last week was calm with little wind. Yes, it’s hot. Summer as come early. Thankfully so far it has been cooler on the ocean.

Back out tonight on a 3 day trip. Hopeful the bite continues.

Very busy the next few weeks so expect reports to continue every few days.

Lastly schedule is done through June 2020. We are in the process of posting it to the website. Should be up and ready in a day or two.

Thanks for looking, more later.