Greetings for Key West. ┬áPlenty to talk about so let’s get to it.

First off here is a link to our latest trip, please click here. Weather was good. Wind was up and down. Conditions for the most part were good. Besides just putting your time in on the rail you needed a little luck. Sadly we did not have enough luck to go around for some. Here are some pics-

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Our trip over the weekend was canceled due to weather so not nothing to report on that. However we took a couple of days did some maintenance and repairs. I have been chasing some electrical gremlins and I think and hope they have finally been addressed. Time will tell as these issues are intermittent and only show up on a trip. I can’t replicate the conditions at the dock. So we will find out during the weekend.

Busy time of year here at the Yankee Capts. Red snapper season opens on 6/1/19. So hopefully we will find some ARS and get our limits. Last year was dismal. When the season opened last year they pulled a disappearing act on me. I’m hopeful this year we have no issues.

As the good weather is upon us we still have some room on future trips. Summer is a favorite time of year for this scribe. If your interested in a trip please click here.

Lastly if your looking for more updates that what we do here on this site then I would suggest friends us on Facebook/Insatgram. I do post on there very frequently. For me it’s easy as all it is done on my phone. If your interested about the Yankee Capts can be found here-

I try not to post much on my personal page except Yankee Capts news and reports. I don’t live my life on Facebook, my opinions are my own so I can assure you it will be fishing and more fishing!

So starting on this Thursday the flood gates open. Fishing everyday so reports should be a plenty!

Thanks for looking,