Greetings from a very busy Key West.

Muttons still rule the totes here. Finding a few reds here and there but muttons still fill the coolers. Some stops have been good and some some just a few fish. Still though the last couple trips again we have been filling the back boxes. Here are a coupe of pics-


IMG-1885 IMG-1886 IMG-1899

Last trip we pushed even deeper, 300 plus feet hoping to find some reds however we found more muttons and silky snappers. Even stranger most of the muttons are mediums. Honestly I’m not sure what’s going on with the red snappers. The past two months I have been staring at 2 different areas that have held good shows. Per usual that all went out the window on June 1. Tonight we leave again so let’s see what I can find. Thank god for the muttons. We will take what we can get!’

Thanks for looking, more later!