Greetings from Key West. Plenty of reporting from the last entry. Let’s get to it.

We have seen it all the past month. From coming home early because we were out of room (Yes anglers demanded refunds!) to grinder bites where you had to stay at the rail and fish hard and smart. Full coolers are the norm.

What stands out most to me this past monthis how big the ocean is once you get past Pulley Ridge. You can literally go hour without marking bottom catching little and then find a little hard spot and then make your trip. I’ve seen this too many times the past month. So what does this mean going forward? It’s time to keep pushing envelope offshore. ¬†We only have another 6 weeks before the wind shows up and the temps start to drop. At that point fish will be moving and more spread out. We will go into winter mode and catches will be fine.

However going forward it’s time to dedicate sometime looking and learning for the future. A trip like that needs perfect weather. So I’m thinking an invitational only trip with 12 anglers. This kind of trip requires plenty of patience from the wheelhouse and anglers. If your looking for a cooler filling trip this isn’t for you. We will make plenty of drops in three full days to see who is home but we are NOT going to be beating them up. This is going to be look, learn and find. That is the focus. Find for the future. The future will be July, August and September of 2020 and beyond. Thankfully I won’t be going blind into this. I have thousands of confirmed numbers to check. I will be talking to office this week and firming up a date. Expect the trip to be in early July 2020.

Since pictures tell the story the past month here are a few-

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Plenty of room and great weather on upcoming trips. Most trips are going at half capacity so if your looking for trips with room now is the time.

You can start here and see what’s available. Please click here.

Thanks for looking. More when I can.