My apologies for slow reports on this page. I have been flat out between running trips and running the show here at dock. Such is boating and I am certainly blessed to be this busy.

Since my last report we have done every trip I offer, Plus a couple of charters that we go off the reservation and do some different things. At the end of each trip the results have been the same. Great looking fish boxes and coolers at the dock. Weather has been up and down. More up than down it seems for this time of year. It’s just a extension of this past winter. No doubt I can’t wait to get out of this pattern and move into the summer conditions. Good riddance I say.

Since it has been a bit since my last report I will let the pictures tell the story.










Also remember red snapper season is open. They certainly make a group option and make those coolers look that much better. It has not been a issue getting everyone their limit. The following open boat trips still have room before the season closes.

Trip Title Departure Date Total Booked Tix Available
2 Day Mutton Marathon June 30 2017 35 8
3 Day Mutton Marathon Jul 13 2017 35 8

Lastly I can’t tell you how happy with our new Chef Chad. After struggling to find the right fit we have finally done it. Chad is the real deal. Fresh tasty GOURMET food with a smile. Here is some food porn form the last month-





Very busy the next 2 weeks. Hopefully some great catches to report. Plus I will begin working on the schedule for 2018. Gonna try a couple of new trips too.

Thanks for looking,