We managed to get in a weeks worth of trips with some very nice weather before the wind machine started again. During that time the bite was all over the place. We did managed some full coolers with some nice quality stuff. Here is a link from one of out Pulley trips. Please click here.

Last weeks Pulley trip started out completely different. A good steady bite of big red groupers, muttons and the usual suspects. About 24 hours into the trip the wind machine started again, We pushed through till daybreak. It was obvious to me the wind was not gonna let us continue in a effective way so we pushed our way uphill in 25 knots of easterly wind back home. ┬áThankfully we don’t get stuck in that slop much anymore but man it still sucks.

So we begin another week, 2 trips. A Tortugas charter and then a another deep drop trip. Thankfully the weather seems to be on our side this week.

Lastly please remember we have out galley fully staffed. Chad is doing a great job and the compliments are outstanding. Here are a couple of pictures-



Also our ice machine at the Yankee Capts dock is up and running at full capacity. 10,000 pounds ready to go. The crew will even load your coolers.

Thanks for looking,

More later,