Greetings from the Key West Command Center.

Things are going along just fine. We have been chipping away on all trips. Some great stops and some slow but anglers that fish hard, pay attention and fish smart have a nice looking cooler at the end of the trip. I think I wrote that once before?

Here are a few pics, even a ling for my NJ/NY people!-







Plenty of fish around this year. The green water that plagued us last year is long gone. Yellowtails, red groupers and muttons rule the coolers. Deep drop trips see all the usual suspects, including plenty of queen snappers. I can say after chasing queens now for 3 years I feel comfortable putting a catch of that snappers together. Still loads of room on all trips through the summer. Please click here.

The office has begun working on the new schedule for 2018. Expect to see something next week.

Heading out again tonight, thanks for looking.

More later,