Quick report today. Slow grind over the weekend. A couple of decent shots when the moon came up but the rest of the time it was “work your tail off” to fill your cooler.

He is a report from a customer this weekend-

“Congrats to our very own, Miami_Chris for bring this black grouper that should be in the 50lb range. My scale tops out at 40 lbs.
Slow start but if you stuck to fishing, towards the end you made your fish box filled with fish. Also, to Rob from NC for bring in another big black grouper!

Master Chef, Chad! This trip had me full! The dishes he made were nothing but amazing. Hell with your cold cuts, and whatever else you used to bring when you can have a full meal and then some. Stop bring extra coolers with crap that you bought that is sure to be wasted or not eaten and let him do what he does best! Thanks, Chad!

Capt. Greg. Thanks for chasing the fish and pushing forward to make sure we get our fish! :toast: :toast: a top operation you run and you have being doing it for so long for a reason! The ice house……. :patriot:

The mates! Always making sure that you are tangle free and making your trip a fun one. Listen to them and you will also catch fish!

To the boatless members and the 360 crew….that dysfunctional family that is what you are and will not trade ya in. A special thanks to bow pulpit crew!!!”

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Back out tonight for another 3 days. Thanks for looking.

More later,