Greetings from the Key West Command Center. Plenty to type this fine day so lets get to it.

Let’s talk fishing first. A few trips since my last report. Did a Tortugas trip this past weekend so let’s start there.

When the dust settled we manages to fill the back with 22 totes. Muttons and yellowtails ruled the totes. The weird part was we only had fish in 4 spots? Overall I thought the conditions were not good. A south and southwest swell and tide running up into the wind. Anchoring conditions were not good. I never did get the boat to settle down. Thankfully the fish came to us a couple of times so we did not need to be right on top of them. However as stated before we did fill the boxes.

The wind gods were gentle to us this weekend. Plus add a fun group it was a very enjoyable weekend. Although the fish only cooperated in a few spots I did see plenty of shows arounds. Honestly was very surprised overall. Water was very green and on the cool side. Not exactly the best conditions? However after doing this for so long nothing should surprise me anymore. Only way you figure things out is by being there. Looking at what you see and applying what you know. That is the only constant for me after doing this for 30 plus years.

Next up is a new rig I have been watch customers use on deep drop drops the last few years. I’ve not said much about it except to regular customers. However I have been asking and watching my good anglers to fish it. After the last month it is time to hopefully get most of the anglers on my deep drop trips to use it. It is a very effective way to fish. Much much better than the traditional high low rig. Honestly I don’t even think it is close.

So what makes it so great? My thoughts and observations in no particular order-

  • You drop this rig to the bottom and take half a turn on your reel.
  • The sinker does not contact the bottom so chances of getting hung up are low.
  • You fish a strip bait or butterflied whole bait. I have not seen a difference and I don’t think it matter. However you want something that smells and stays on the hook.
  • You want to make sure your bait is NOT spinning. You want your bait to flutter along the bottom. Presentation is key.
  • No need for jewelry. Keep the lights, rubber dildos and all the other junk off these rigs. No need for it. Leave that stuff home.
  • Setting the hook is simple. Wait for your rod tip to pull down. Throw your electric in gear and start winding up. That circle hook will get pulled into the corner of the fish’s mouth. Game over.
  • Tangles are simple. A snip on either end of the the rig and start pulling the ends through. Please no crimps. Knots make this rig effective with regards to tangles. Less time tangled? More time fishing. More time fishing equals fuller coolers.
  • Will this rig work on a private boat? I don’t know. Remember we have 20-40 baits in the water. It creates action under the boat. It’s a different scenario. Time will tell.
  • Overall I witnessed my anglers catch bigger fish with this rig. Plus more of them.
  • Your bait use will be cut down.
  • If you are looking to load up on Rosefish or small snappers this is not the rig to do it with.

If you know me I am not the kind of fisherman who jumps on the newest and greatest stuff. I like to observe and see how things play out. The above rig is a game changer. Take that to the bank. Someone asked me this morning how we are catching those queens snapper? I told them about this rig and and slo pitch jigging. Those two things make me look like I know what I’m doing!

If anyone has any questions please email me at

Lastly as we move along here we are very busy. most trips have limited space in the spring. However one trip in particular is light, April 12 Halfway ledge. If you looking to get on a trip this spring this is the one. Please click here.

So still at one trip a week this month, next trip on Friday. A Look Learn and Find trip. Weather looks perfect. Hopefully we find some new stuff. I have hope!

Thanks for looking, more later.