Greetings from Key West.

As we go through the month of January this scribe could not be happier. If you remember 2020 in January was a tough month weather wise. We managed 2 trips and they were rough. I can report this month Mother Nature has taken it easy on us. Only canceled one trip and had to come in early on another. I will take it.

So far this year the trips have been good to excellent. Grinding away with a few flurries makes for full boxes. Plenty of quality too.

I will let the pictures tell the story-




So as we move into in February we are into a slower mode. One trip a week. So if we loose one trip to weather we get some time off. Who knows this might be the winter of less wind? It is bound to happen one of these years? Plenty of things to keep us busy on the dock too. It never ends it seems. No complaints though. We are busy. We are blessed.

Thanks for looking, more later.