Been a while since my last report?

What’s been going one here? Well it was a easy winter and spring. Did not lose many trips. In fact one of the easier winter springs in a long time. It was welcomed.

The bite was up and down. Overall it was the same thing I have been preaching for years. Stay at the rail, pay attention and fish smart. A full cooler was the final result.

We are now into our summer season. We have been chasing red snapper plus some deep drop trips. Overall yet again red snapper are not as cooperative as they should be. Just like the past few years. Actually more muttons around?

We have been blessed to be very busy. Hopefully the summer weather gods are kind to us.

We(me) have been been working on the 2022 schedule. Soon as we get clear of the red snapper trips we will be announcing the upcoming schedule.

Lastly if you been looking for more consistent updates please like us fan page on Facebook. That has been the place where updates occur almost weekly.

Thanks for looking,