Well plenty going on here. So lets start with the good stuff.

Just back in from a 4 day trip. Weather and conditions were all over the place, we had it all. Grinder bite at best. So those who did the best fished hard and smart.

These pictures tell the story best-


20170904_080829 20170904_080902 20170904_080733 20170904_080906 20170904_080852 20170904_080704

So now we have to deal with Hurricane Irma. I’m gonna be smart and get out of Key West with the Yankee Capts. Going to head to southwest and monitor the storm. Where will we be? Good question. I have satellite coms on the Yankee Capts so we will have everything at our disposal. I worry about Key West though. If we take a direct hit then? It will be catastrophic. We will prepare as best we can and hope for the best. This time though a couple of prayers would hurt for my community. More after the storm.

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