Where do I start?

Here are the facts-

  • The Yankee Capts is fine, zero storm damage. In fact she sits in her slip ready to go on a moments notice, full of fuel and bait.
  • Key West and Stock Island are fine too. Food, gas and potable water are all available 24/7. The “Boil Water” order has been lifted. Went to Public this AM and it was fully stocked. In a day or two things will be back to normal. Let me re-phrase the “New Normal”, whatever that may be.
  • The damage you hear about from the media outlets starts at Marathon and continues down to the Saddlebunch Keys. I only saw it driving in a week ago. I won’t speculate or add to the media firestorm. For the most part I had to focus on the road because of the debris while I was driving
  • I will say this much of what they are reporting in the media here in Key West and Stock Island is grossly exaggerated. Much of it just isn’t true.

So when to we go back to fishing? Good question. Hopefully that questioned is answered by Wednesday, September 19. As stated before the Yankee Capts is ready to go.

So many of you have asked what can you do to help? The easy answer is get down the Keys and spend some money. This is a tourism based economy, we need tourism dollars. You can expect here in Key West light crowds. Everything will be open for you to enjoy.

If you have a question email me at greg@yankeecapts.com. I will give you the best answer I can with regards to local knowledge here in the Lower Keys. I can dispel most of the rumors.

Brizo can’t wait to see everyone!


More later. Thanks for looking.