Greetings from Key West. I am happy to report we will be starting back up this week. It has been a long 2 1/2 weeks for sure. I am so ready to get back in the game! We will be heading to Pulley Ridge for a 3 day trip. Weather looks spectacular. Report to follow soon as we get in.

Looks like we have a red snapper window on the Yankee Capts later this year. I quote from NOAA-
“Federal fishery officials approved a plan Monday to allow Southeastern anglers to harvest red snapper in the Atlantic Ocean later this fall, which would be the first open season for the popular game fish since 2014.
Under the plan, the season would last six to 12 days spread out over several three-day weekends and would begin at the end of October.
The decision must be approved by NOAA Fisheries, the federal agency that oversees all fishing regulations in federal waters. If the agency approves the decision, it will set the exact number of days the season will last and when it will start.”
Stay tuned for the details. Soon as something is concrete I will pass along the info and how we will adapt this opening to our future trips.
I have been staring at this show of fish for months now. It is almost due south of Fort Jefferson. Without a doubt it needs some thinning out!
We getting plenty of inquiries about the status of future trips. Its a easy answer. All trips are a go weather permitting. if you have a specific concerns please contact me at
Lastly people have been asking me how they can help the relief hurricane effort here in the Keys? That is easy, SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS. As a tourism based economy that is what we need. Businesses are beginning the process of opening back up, more everyday. Please support them.
Thanks for looking, more later.