Hey Folks, Alana in the office here, popping by for a quick update. I’ve fielded many calls today from folks with concern for Greg, for the crew, for the boat and our surrounding neighborhood in the wake of Hurricane Irma. I don’t have a lot of information, but here is what I do know. Capt Greg has checked in with me around noon today with a very brief update. He had evacuated safely to the mainland shortly before the storm hit. Facebook rumors and media hype cloud the facts from the hearsay and it’s tough to get real information about the status of Safe Harbour Marina and the Yankee Capts. Sources within the Keys have reported to Greg that the Capts fared well during the storm and is in good shape. That said, HE IS NOT THERE YET TO INSPECT THE BOAT AND WE HAVE NO FURTHER INFORMATION AT THIS TIME. Where he is staying there is still no power and he needs to conserve his cell phone batteries. He wishes to thank you all for your concern but asks that you PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CONTACTING HIM DIRECTLY AT THIS TIME. He is dealing with a wealth of issues, as I am sure you all are as well. As far as our crew, I have seen several “safe” posts on Facebook on different pages set up for the concern of others, but beyond that, I cannot confirm their whereabouts or the statuses of their safety. If and when more information is attained,  I will keep you all as updated as possible on this page, our Facebook and via email. If you have an upcoming trip with us, specifically in the next couple weeks, I will be in touch with you directly as soon as I have more information pertinent to our customers. 

Meanwhile, regarding travel in and out of the Keys, the following is a post From Monroe County:- DO NOT PLAN TO RETURN (to the Keys) whether by car, boat or airplane until you receive OFFICIAL information that it is safe. Look at Monroe County BOCC Facebook page. As City Manager Scholl has said, “We do not need a single other mouth to feed. We do not need one more body to drink water or flush a toilet. In fact we need to get refugees out.”

On behalf of Greg and the Crew we appreciate your kind words and your patience while we get reorganized. Please share this post with your fellow Yankee Capts Anglers. Please stay safe and look out for one another.

Yankee Capts Office Manager