Well now my body definitely felt the last week. Wow, the sea was angry folks!

Last week we did a 3 day trip. The wind was supposed to come down before the trip. Then it was supposed to come down during the ride out. Then it was supposed to come down the first day. Then it changed again. Finally it did come down the second day. As far as the bite goes? We had two decent stops. Completely random. The rest of the time was just a hard grind. A customer did a post here. It tells the whole story.

Our last trip was plagued with more wind too. However between the area we where fishing, the techniques we used to cover the fishing grounds and the anglers willingness to fish hard we did great. Filled the back boxes with muttons, tunas, groupers and two slammer wahoo, 67 and 47 pounds. Most fish were taken on jigs. Incredibly we only did 5 drifts in 3 days. We only covered 3 miles for the whole trip. Fo what ever reason we were moving very slow on the drift with a sustained wind of 18 knots! I don’t ever remember in my fishing career having that much wind and moving over the bottom that slow. Just when you think you have seen most of what the ocean can show you…….

I did take a bunch of pictures however I can’t seem to get them off the sd card. Soon as I can pull them off I will post them.

Back out tonight for a 2 day Tortugas trip and back on Sunday. Weather looks good.

Thanks for looking, more later!