Just back from our first post Irma trip. Conditions were aggravating to say the least. Every drift was different. Honestly it drove me bananas.  No consistency. Most of the time we would clip the edge of the live bottom and get a few fish. That in itself was another thing that drove me nuts. We would see a few fish that would let us know what was there. Why was it like this? Simple. We were fishing in the northern edge of the Gulfstream current. It was positioned right along the 100 fathom edge. Plus it seemed to wiggle north and south depending on the stage of the tide. Then of course you throw in the rain squalls the were all around us, The squalls made the wind come up and down as the moved in from the south. God it was frustrating.

So we grinded away throughout the day and night. Even made a couple of stops south of the Tortugas on the way home to shake things up. When the dust settled we managed the white box for 16 anglers. Certainly not a bad trip but again frustrating for me. No matter what I tried just could connect the dots because of the conditions.  Picture below is expert angler Joe Trip with a trophy queen snappernthat was just over 20 pounds. In fact we have several in the 25 pound range.


I am happy to report I saw no ill effects from the storm on the grounds. Everything seemed as it should be. I was concerned I might see lots of floating debris, trap balls and and bad water clarity. I saw none of this, Also I heard no mention of any issues with customers driving to and from the boat. So with that I will not be making any mention anything storm related in the future. For the Yankee Capts it is time to move on get back to our normal routine. If you do have any specific questions you can of course contact me anytime at greg@yankeecapts.com.

Next trip is Friday, a limited load mutton trip. Still some room. If you interested please click here. Also plenty of room on some 2 day trips later in the month. You can always check this page for availability. We are coming into my favorite fishing time of year. Plenty of muttons, yellowtails and red groupers around as they move back on the reef in the shoaler water.

Thanks for looking, more later.