Finally back in the game, at least for one day!

Spectacular weather greeted us on our last trip. Conditions were perfect to start. A half a knot drift with little wind. A slow steady pick on the first drift with a few yellow eyes snappers and 80 pound warsaw grouper. As the day progressed we picked away at snowy’s and grey tiles. In the afternoon on Friday i fished a small edge that had great show of queen snappers. We were able to drift it perfectly. When the dust settled we had over 100 queens between 18 and 25 pounds.

As we shifted into our night routine in the shoal water we found little movement. In fact we drifted just over a hundred years in 8 hours. The usual suspects made it into the box however the bite was slow. Flat greasy calm with no movement makes for a tough bite.

The second day we went on the hunt for some more quality fish. We had a few to start then we lost the drift. With no movement we were not doing much. Since the back boxes were full I went on the hunt to find some moving water, I did find some back to the east, my old friend the gulfstream.  We managed a couple of golden tiles and tunas. When the dust settled we had the black boxes full and fish up from also. Everyone caught dinner. I did not get a chance to get any pictures but I am sure the reports/pics we be posted by customers starting tonight.

A welcome 5 days off this week. A few small projects and hopefully some beach time.

Thanks for looking,