Greetings from the Spring Break Central!

Three trips since my last report so lets get started. The trip over the past weekend wasn’t very good. That might be me being very generous. The bite wasn’t there, The conditions were tough. Every time I made a move the boat went in a different direction. God it was frustrating. The bite was tough too, I think I mentioned that already? Just enough fish to know what was under the boat, nothing more. Since it was a drifting trip I thought we were going to stack em. With little wind and a perfect drifting speed the conditions were perfect. Honestly it’s not like I don’t know where to go? Anyway one more of these trips the end of the month. Regardless of how many anglers we have we’re going weather permitting. I know these trips should work. Going to head in a different direction and try a couple of different things. This trip is bugging the shit out of me, I have to figure it out one way or another.

The other trips we have done have been good. Here are some links-

So only one trip this week. Have enough paperwork to keep me busy till December! Plus I have have been working with the engineers and mechanics to do some more updating on the Capts. As soon as I firm things up I will post the news. Plus two new trips coming up. One in May and another FSF trip the first weekend in August. Both of these trips will be a little different. Hopefully we will be able to announce them this week. Keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Last report I promised a picture from the new sounder, Koden CVS FX 2 BB. Here you go!


75 fathoms with the gain turned way down.

Lastly here is some food porn from the Yankee Capts Galley! Yum!


Thanks for looking, more later.